Areas of competence

Foreign Investments

The legal advice on foreign investments we provide consists of 3 stages, i.e. design, implementation and kick-off. During the design stage, we develop a legal structure suitable for a given investment project, analyse the tax consequences and provide the Client with all relevant information on the legal and administrative environment of the planned activity. During the implementation stage we create the legal structure (company, investment fund, other legal entity), obtain necessary permits and licenses, draw up draft contracts concerning the planned activity and advise the Client in the course of negotiating them. At the last stage of the investment project, we participate in contacts with administrative bodies, provide legal supervision of the acceptance of works, advise on the terms and conditions of employment contracts and provide the Client with necessary consulting services in areas such as finance, IT, accounting and HR. Additionally, we offer our Clients a comprehensive range of advisory services provided by our industry experts. We have many years of experience in business and an extensive network of contacts in sectors such as renewable energy, construction, FMCG and Private Equity/Venture Capital.

Corporate Law

We provide advice on the choice of a suitable legal form of business and establish entities such as companies, investment funds, branches, representative offices and holding structures with the use of foreign companies and foundations in Poland, Germany and Austria. We provide services related to shareholders’ meetings, adapt the provisions of articles of association to current and future economic challenges, provide a legal framework for the entry of new shareholders or exit from investments. We have many years of experience in managing transformations of commercial companies and partnerships. We draft by-laws of corporate bodies and conduct corporate due diligence. As part of our Private Equity/Venture Capital investment legal services, we develop and negotiate term sheets and investment contracts and advise investment managers on all aspects of corporate law.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are natural processes that accompany the development of a business. Given their complex legal nature, they require close cooperation of lawyers and tax advisers. As ATM.LEGAL, we provide the necessary know-how. We offer comprehensive support in M&A processes, from the stage of transaction design through due diligence to closing and post-merger integration. We have advised on numerous M&A transactions involving Polish public companies, VC and CVC investment funds and private investors from Germany and Austria.

International Trade Agreements

We have many years of experience in creating contractual relations in domestic and international business transactions. ATM.LEGAL guarantees practical solutions tailored to individual needs.

Energy sector

For years we have been advising entrepreneurs dealing with the production of electricity from renewable sources. We secure rights to land, provide advise during design works, obtain necessary administrative permits, draft and negotiate contracts for the purchase and sale of electricity and represent clients before the President of the Energy Regulatory Office.

Real Estate | Construction Law

The real estate and construction sector has no secrets for us. We advise developers, private investors and funds investing in commercial real estate. We audit real estate, provide comprehensive real estate investment services and accompany our Clients throughout all stages of development projects.


We offer our Clients day-to-day tax advisory services, with particular emphasis on cross-border issues. We develop tax plans aimed at minimizing the global tax burden on our Clients. We prepare transfer pricing documentation and represent Clients in proceedings before tax authorities.

Food Law

We have extensive experience working with entrepreneurs from the FMCG sector. Our advisory services in the area of food law include:

  • analysis of labels of individual food products, including dietary supplements, taking into account in particular the assessment of product labels in terms of any risk of misleading the consumer,
  • advice on nutrition and health claims,
  • evaluation of regional and traditional products (PGI, TSG, PDO) and products that may be considered similar,
  • issuing opinions on advertising food products and marketing texts,
  • adapting labels to the ever-changing food laws, including the requirements imposed by Regulation 1169/2011,
  • estimating the risks associated with placing particular information and marks on products,
  • drafting opinions and legal information on food law,
  • representing entrepreneurs in administrative proceedings conducted by the Trade Inspectorate, the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, the Agricultural and Food Quality Inspectorate, the State Sanitary Inspectorate and other official food control bodies,
  • representation in administrative court proceedings before the Provincial Administrative Court and the Supreme Administrative Court,
  • comprehensive service for entities form the FMCG sector.

Advertising Law

We verify the advertising activity of entrepreneurs in terms of:

  • acts of unfair competition,
  • unfair market practices,
  • misleading the consumer,
  • obligations resulting from special regulations, e.g. food law, the Act on Radio and Television Broadcasting.

We advise our Clients on information obligations, including all aspects related to consumer complaints and obligations under the Act on Information on Prices of Goods and Services. We draw up and verify terms and conditions of competitions, lotteries and promotional campaigns.

Intellectual Property | Trademarks

We advise authors on how to protect their rights. We create copyright agreements and legal analyses and represent authors and entrepreneurs in copyright disputes. We also offer legal services such as:

  • verification whether trademarks are registrable,
  • filing and registration of trademarks in the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland, the European Union Office for Intellectual Property (EUIPO) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO),
  • drafting trademark agreements,
  • issuing legal opinions on trademarks,
  • representing Clients in proceedings before public authorities and in court proceedings.

Personal Data Protection | GDPR

ATM.LEGAL provides comprehensive legal services in the scope of personal data protection. We prepare GDPR-required documentation, verify concluded contracts, websites, internal processes and employee documentation in terms of their compliance with GDPR. We conduct trainings for our Clients and their employees in the field of personal data protection and GDPR requirements.


We develop compliance documentation from scratch. Closely cooperating with the Client, we define standards and implement the rules applicable in international capital groups in companies operating on the local market. We provide training for our Clients and their employees on compliance standards in the company and provide a CCO service.

Labour Law | Management Contracts

We guarantee comprehensive legal services in the field of employment relations. We prepare a complete set of employee documentation, supervise internal processes and advise employers in contacts with trade unions. We have extensive experience in drafting management contracts, including employment contracts for managers of foreign and public companies.

Dispute Resolution | Court Disputes

Legal conflicts are an inherent element of business. We always try to advise our Clients in such a way as to prevent them. If there is no possibility of de-escalation, we provide competent and effective advisers. We conduct litigation and arbitration proceedings, advise on corporate disputes and ensure effective enforcement of court judgements.

Criminal Law | Economic Criminal Law

The degree of regulation of economic trading means that its participants are constantly exposed to the risk of violating applicable regulations. At ATM.LEGAL, we advise entrepreneurs and members of governing bodies on economic criminal matters. In addition, we offer comprehensive legal assistance in other criminal cases. We act in the following capacities:

  • defence counsel of suspects and accused,
  • victim’s attorney,
  • attorney for the auxiliary prosecutor,
  • attorney for the private prosecutor.